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Quick Tips for Safely Putting Out a Kitchen Grease Fire

People often refer to kitchens as the hearts of their homes because they spend lots of time there with their families. However, they can also be very dangerous. Hot surfaces, boiling liquids, and sharp objects are all integral parts of a working kitchen. If any of those elements get out of hand, your kitchen can quickly become hazardous. Of the various hazards that exist, a grease fire is one of the most dangerous because it can be so difficult to put out. Keep reading to learn some quick tips for safely putting out a kitchen grease fire.

Stay Calm

The first step of responding to any emergency is to remain calm. While that’s difficult to do, especially if a fire is spreading before your eyes, a calm attitude is necessary if you want to respond safely and protect other people and pets in the area. Take a deep breath, if it’s safe to do so, and take the time to look at the scene. Relax your muscles and make a plan before jumping into action.

Stop the Source

The source of the kitchen grease fire is the grease, but you can’t touch the grease while it’s on fire. Instead, stop the other sources: the burner and oxygen. Turn off the burner, then cut off the oxygen to the grease by placing a lid on top of the burning pan or pot. Wear a protective oven mitt or similar piece of clothing to do both, as you’ll be close to the fire source and won’t want to risk burns.

Clear the Air

Once you’ve smothered the fire, turn on your range hood and open nearby windows to clear the air. While many people feel tempted to do this before the fire is out, you need to wait until after you’ve smothered it. Otherwise, more oxygen could get to the fire and cause it to grow. Make sure the lid is firmly on the burning pan or pot and that you give the fire at least five minutes before checking that it’s out and working to clear the air.

Call the Professionals

If this classic smothering response doesn’t put out the grease fire, then you need to call the fire department. Remove all people and pets from your home, as long as you can do so safely. After that, call the professionals from a safe distance away. While many people may think it’s safe to call from another room in the house, grease fires can quickly grow out of control. Getting out of the house is always the safest option.

These quick tips for safely putting out a kitchen grease fire will allow you and your family to stay safe if a kitchen grease fire ever occurs. To protect your kitchen and ensure your cooking area gets the fresh air it needs after an emergency like this, you should install a range hood. We offer stove hoods for sale that will help keep your kitchen and family safe.

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