• Wall Oven vs. Range Oven: What Are the Differences?

    If you’re changing your kitchen in any way, you’re probably considering a different oven. Learn the difference between a wall and a range oven now.
  • Ways To Maximize Space Under Your Cooktop

    If your cooktop is separate from your oven, then you have some lower cabinet space you might not know how to use. Learn how to maximize that space now.
  • Top 5 Types of Food To Cook in a Steam Oven

    Steam ovens, especially if they’re combination ovens, can cook tons of delicious food. Learn more about the types of food you can cook in your steam oven.
  • Why a Range Hood Should Be Wider Than Your Cooktop

    If you’re adding a range hood to your kitchen, you may not know the size that you need. Learn why your range hood should be wider than your cooktop now.
  • Upgrade These 5 Appliances While Remodeling Your Home

    Remodeling your home is the perfect time to upgrade your appliances, especially in your kitchen. Learn more about the appliances you should upgrade now.
  • Helpful Kitchen Tips: How to Care for Damaged Cooktops

    Our kitchens get a lot of use. If all that use has led to your gas or electric cooktop becoming damaged, don’t worry. We have some helpful care tips here.
  • Why You Can’t Vent a Kitchen Exhaust Hood Into the Garage

    It’s not safe to vent a kitchen exhaust hood into your garage. Learn about why it’s not safe and the safer venting options available to you now.
  • Steam Ovens vs. Conventional Ovens: What’s the Difference?

    You should have the best appliances in your kitchen, but you don’t have infinite space for them. Learn about the difference between ovens and which to get now.
  • Features To Look For in a Good Dishwasher

    A dishwasher will make your kitchen a cleaner, more efficient, and more comfortable space. Learn what features to look for in a good dishwasher now.
  • The Best Ways To Deep Clean a Gas Stovetop

    While most professional chefs agree that gas stovetops are the best for cooking, they can be difficult to clean. Learn how to deep clean your gas stove now.
  • Tips To Make Your Kitchen Space More Inviting

    The kitchen is supposed to be the heart of your home, but it can’t be that if it doesn’t feel welcoming. Learn how to make your kitchen more inviting now.
  • Safety Precautions To Consider When Buying a Gas Stove

    While many people think that cooking with a gas stove is better, gas poses a safety risk in your kitchen and home. Learn about how you can make your kitchen a safer place with safety precautions.
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