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Glass vs. Metal Cooktops: Which Is Right for You?

Shopping for a new kitchen appliance is stressful at times. You want to find the right appliance that’ll function well in your kitchen, look great, and contribute to your lifestyle. When the appliance you’re looking for is a cooktop, you must ask yourself several questions to determine which is right for you. Glass and metal cooktops are the most popular options. Both offer something different for your lifestyle and kitchen.

Which Fuel Type Do You Prefer?

Determining which fuel type you prefer is one of the most important aspects of choosing a new cooktop. Often, the fuel type will determine the cooktop material as well. For example, glass cooktops are often electric, while metal cooktops are often gas. You can readily find metal electric cooktops, but glass gas cooktops are rare.

If you prefer to cook on an electric stovetop, then either glass or metal will work for you. However, if you prefer gas, then metal is right for you. Those who want glass and gas will need to dedicate more time to shopping to find their perfect match.

What Kitchen Aesthetics Do You Have or Want?

Many people shop for a new cooktop because they’re updating their kitchen and changing aesthetics. You must choose the right cooktop for your current or new kitchen aesthetics.

Glass provides a sleek modern look, while metal provides a more traditional aesthetic. Since glass is clear, it also blends into more kitchen aesthetics than metal. Metal is a common appliance material, though, so a metal cooktop won’t look out of place.

How Much Time Do You Want To Spend Cleaning?

While many people prefer the aesthetics of a glass cooktop, they’re more time consuming to clean. Many glass cooktops require special cleaners and more frequent cleanings since they show dirt like fingerprints easily. However, metal cooktops also require regular cleanings and can scratch easily in some cases.

While all cooktops require regular cleanings, especially after a spill, metal is easier to keep clean. It doesn’t require special cleaners and doesn’t show dirt as much as glass.

When comparing glass and metal cooktops, it’s difficult to determine which is right for you. Asking yourself thoughtful questions about the function and aesthetics of each cooktop option is the best way to make your decision. Once you know which you prefer, you can look at the luxury cooktops here at ROBAM. We offer both glass and metal cooktops that’ll look great in your kitchen and make you feel like a home chef.

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