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4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers are luxurious but complicated appliances. We love sticking our dirty dishes in, pressing a few buttons, and receiving clean dishes a little while later. However, we can’t see inside them during the cleaning process. Without this internal view, it’s hard to know whether they’re working properly. This makes it difficult to discern when you may need to replace your dishwasher. Look for the following four signs if you’ve owned your dishwasher for a long time and worry that it may be time to replace it.

Dirty or Cloudy Dishes

The basic duty of a dishwasher is to wash your dishes. If you open your dishwasher after a full cycle and see food particles and other signs of dirt on your dishes, your machine isn’t doing its job. Sometimes this comes from your dish detergent, but it could also mean that the dishwasher is failing.

Another sign of dishwasher failure is cloudy dishes. The cloudy appearance often comes from hard water, but it could also mean your machine isn’t washing the dishes properly. Try to add a hard water filter to your water system. If that doesn’t work, you may need a new machine.

Wet or Cold Dishes

Dishwashers finish a cycle with heat to dry your dishes. Wet or cold dishes after running your dishwasher means the drying cycle isn’t working. Make sure you have your dishwasher plugged in properly so that the heating element can work. If it is and you still have these issues, a replacement is on the horizon.

Standing or Leaking Water

Your dishwasher should drain while it runs. That means something’s wrong if you open your dishwasher at the end and there’s still water in the machine. Sometimes the problem is a clogged drain, which a technician can fix. Other times, your machine needs replacement.

Leaking water is another sign that you need a replacement. A machine leaks if it has improper sealing. You can replace the seals on some dishwashers, but not on all of them. These leaks can drip around the base of your dishwasher and cause it to rust. This combination of problems often warrants a replacement.

Latch Problems

Lastly, pay attention to how your dishwasher latches, especially if it doesn’t latch right. Sometimes a dish is blocking the area, but sometimes the latch is broken. You can replace the latch, but there’s a chance it will break again. Buying a replacement with a newer, better latch is often a more lasting solution.

You need to replace your dishwasher if you notice any signs that something is wrong. If you’ve already noticed these signs and want a new dishwasher, ROBAM can help. Our luxury kitchen appliances include dishwashers that will look great in your kitchen and function better.

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