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What To Know When Switching From an Electric to a Gas Stove

Buying new appliances for your kitchen can be an exciting yet stressful milestone. You get to bring a new, beautiful appliance into your home that will help it function at its best. First, though, you must figure out what’s best for your kitchen and home.

Most professional and home chefs prefer gas stoves to electric. This means that if you’ve started cooking more and want to switch stoves, you should switch from an electric to a gas stove. However, there’s a lot you need to know when making this switch.

Location of the Nearest Gas Line

Before you can consider a switch from electric to gas cooking fuels, you need to find out if gas is even available in your area. All areas are different, and some will have gas lines nearby. Depending on what other fuels you have in your home, such as gas heating, you may already have a gas line on your property. For fully electric homes, though, this often isn’t the case. Contact local gas experts and a local plumber about extending a gas line onto your property and into your kitchen.

Strength of Your Vent Hood

Once you know you can make the electric-to-gas upgrade, you must ensure your kitchen can handle that change. Your current vent hood can handle heat and fumes from your current cooktop. While it will still work if you change that cooktop from electric to gas, it won’t work optimally. Learn the strength of your vent hood compared to what a new gas stove will require. Gas stoves give off more fumes and get hotter than electric ones, which means you’ll probably need a larger and more powerful vent hood to handle your new appliance.

Benefits of Switching to Gas

Now that you know how much work goes into switching from an electric to a gas stove, you may second-guess your decision. While everyone has to decide for themselves which cooktop is better when comparing gas and electric, gas often wins once you consider the benefits. The upfront work is worthwhile since a gas cooktop reacts to temperature changes faster, opens up new cooking methods like charring, and saves you money.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of a gas stove, ROBAM can help. We offer high-end gas range tops in various sizes that’ll take your cooking to the next level and make your kitchen feel professional. We can’t wait to help you improve your home.

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