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6 Reasons You Should Upgrade to a New Range Hood

Our houses are full of appliances, but most of these appliances are in the kitchen. If those major appliances aren’t functioning correctly, then the kitchen as a whole can’t function correctly, which makes it difficult to go about everyday life. Your range hood is one of those major appliances that contribute to the functionality of your kitchen and life. Read on to learn six reasons you should upgrade to a new range hood, from technical issues to a future home sale.

Smoke Buildup

Range hoods have one primary function: to take in the fumes and grease dirtying your kitchen air and either filter them or remove them from your kitchen. Non-ventilated range hoods filter the air and release it back into your kitchen, while ventilated range hoods remove the air from your kitchen and deposit it elsewhere.

One of the first signs your range hood isn’t performing this important function is smoke buildup. Smoke can build up in your kitchen if there’s a problem with the fan or filter in your range hood. Sometimes, cleaning or replacing one of these components is enough to fix the smoke buildup problem. However, in other cases, you may need to replace the entire unit.

Lingering Odors

Another reason you should upgrade your range hood is if your current one is leaving lingering odors in the air. Lingering odors is another sign that something is wrong with your current range hood, as range hoods should filter these odors away or completely remove them from your kitchen. Like with smoke buildup, you may have a problem with the fan or filter on the range hood.

Lingering odors can also come from electrical problems such as burning wires. This will give off a burning plastic smell, which is different than food odors. Pay attention to exactly what the odors smell like so you can determine what’s wrong with your range hood. Hire an electrician to examine your range hood if you think the problem is electrical.

Sticky Surfaces

The last obvious sign that something is wrong with your range hood is if the surfaces in your kitchen are sticky. The filtration process of your range hood normally removes vapors, grease, and moisture from your kitchen air. If this isn’t happening, then those vapors, grease, and moisture are settling onto your kitchen surfaces.

While you can wipe down these surfaces to help keep them clean, that’s not getting to the heart of the matter. The heart of the matter is that your range hood isn’t working properly. Like the other problems we mentioned above, you may only need to replace the filter or the fan on your range hood. However, if the problem persists or your range hood is too old for these replacements, then it’s time for a new, upgraded range hood.

Electrical Problems

When we mentioned lingering odors in the kitchen, we mentioned that one of those odors could come from burning electrical wires. This occurs when electrical wires overheat, and their insulation starts to break down. You’ll need to hire an electrician to fix these burnt wires and protect both your range hood and kitchen from additional problems.

However, burning wires aren’t the only electrical problems range hoods can have. The circuit board, which controls the functions of your range hood, can also malfunction. Sometimes this malfunction is from a burning wire, but it may also come from a blown fuse. You can check your fuse box to see if you simply need to reset the fuse to fix the problem. However, if the fuse is truly blown, then you’ll need to hire a professional electrician to replace it.

And sometimes, electrical problems stem from the outlet your range hood is plugged into, not the range hood itself. So make sure your range hood is fully plugged into a working outlet before panicking about electrical problems. If your range hood is fully plugged in and it continues to malfunction, then call a professional electrician to examine the wiring in your home. You may have faulty wiring inside your walls.

Total Kitchen Upgrade

Electrical problems can affect your entire kitchen and force a kitchen upgrade as your home undergoes rewiring. Alternatively, some people upgrade their kitchen to match new aesthetics and enhance functionality. No matter the cause of the total kitchen upgrade, you should upgrade your appliances along with the rest of the kitchen. This allows your kitchen to continue to function at its best and appear as cohesive as possible.

Plus, if you upgrade parts of your kitchen without upgrading your appliances, including your range hood, then your kitchen can have problems later. For example, if you built your cabinets around a range hood that needs replacing, but you can’t find a range hood small enough, then you must redo the cabinets. This costs more money than simply replacing the cabinets and range hood at the same time.

Upcoming Home Sale

Lastly, one of the most common reasons why people should upgrade to new range hoods is if they are planning to sell their homes. Updated home appliances, including range hoods, increase the value of your home. Most potential buyers want a move-in ready house that won’t require them to replace appliances within the first few years. Therefore, they are willing to pay extra for the convenience and quality of new appliances. Once you’ve upgraded to a new range hood, share when you made that upgrade with potential buyers. Recent upgrades are enticing for future homeowners. Overall, upgrading your appliances may allow you to increase your asking price and also increase the demand for your home.

Upgrading any home appliance is a big task, but there are many reasons to do so, especially in a room you use as much as your kitchen. Upgrading your range hood brings many benefits to your kitchen and home, from eliminating smoke problems to increasing your home’s value. These upgraded appliances also look better if you’re updating your kitchen or home. If you’re looking for range hoods for sale for functional or aesthetic purposes, then Robam can help you find the perfect one. We offer range hoods in various sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your kitchen and home!

6 Reasons You Should Upgrade to a New Range Hood

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