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Which Cooktop Is Better for You—Gas or Electric?

Some people think that all cooktops are the same. Even if they have different power sources, such as gas and electric, they still allow us to cook our food on a stove. However, choosing gas or electric for your kitchen and deciding which cooktop is better for you is important. They each offer a unique cooking experience that people prefer and other unique benefits, which we’ve detailed below.

Heat Differences

Since gas and electric cooktops have different heat sources, they heat differently. Gas is more responsive to temperature changes, which means it can heat or cool quickly. Electric is slower to respond to temperature changes, so it heats and cools slowly.

In addition to the speed of temperature changes, gas also gets hotter than electric. While natural gas can burn hotter than 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, most electric cooktops can only reach around 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit with a larger burner. Smaller burners can only reach about 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Safety Differences

Since gas stoves use natural gas for their power, they pose a greater safety risk than electric stoves. Natural gas can leak and poison people in the household. Electric stovetops can’t since they’re all electric.

However, electric stovetops do pose a greater risk for burns. Since the burners can stay hot even after you turn them off, you can accidentally burn yourself. Gas stoves cool faster, so people are less likely to burn themselves if they accidentally get near a burner after cooking.

Which Is Better?

If you have a small kitchen or don’t have a vented range hood, then the cooler temperatures of an electric cooktop are better. A gas cooktop will work fine if your kitchen is big and has plenty of ventilation, including a vented range hood.

Also, if you’re prone to accidents or have children or elderly people in your home, then a gas cooktop is safer. The surface will cook quickly to prevent potential burns. An electric cooktop is better when you’re concerned about natural gas. However, many newer gas cooktops have automatic shut-off valves and other safety precautions that can help protect households from gas leaks.

Knowing whether a gas or electric cooktop is better for you comes down to the ventilation in your kitchen as well as how safe you feel with each option. When you’ve made your choice, head to ROBAM. We provide professional kitchen appliances, including gas and electric cooktops. Our cooktops look great and will help you cook like a pro, no matter your power source preference.

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