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5 Reasons People Love Gas Cooking Stoves

The two most common fuel options for home cooking stoves are gas and electric, and you’ll often hear homeowners rave about their stove. If you hear people talk about preferring gas cooking stoves and don’t understand why, we can help. Below are five reasons why people love them and why you should too if you’re considering changing your stove.

Quick Temperature Changes

You’re cooking because you’re hungry and want something on the table. If you have to wait a long time for your burner to heat up and then wait again while you adjust the temperature, you’re going to stay hungry longer. Since gas stoves use open flames, you can quickly adjust the temperature and see that temperature reflected in what you’re cooking. That means your food will get on the table quicker too.

Better Temperature Control

The quick response of open flames also gives you better temperature control over what you’re cooking. If you notice that something is too hot or cold while you’re cooking on gas, you can quickly and easily adjust the flame to the desired temperature. Electric stoves take longer to heat or cool to the desired temperature, which some home cooks find frustrating.

More Versatile Cooking

Open flames also provide more versatile cooking options. The flames will evenly heat any cookware, even if it’s not perfectly flat. Since electric stove burners are perfectly smooth, they often struggle to properly heat uneven cookware.

You also have more cooking methods available with a gas stove. For example, you can char many food items, such as vegetables, over a gas burner, but you can’t do so on an electric burner.

Easier To Clean

When you finish cooking on your gas stove, you need to clean it. The cleaning process for these types of stoves is easier than for electric stoves. This is because gas burners will cool down faster, and you can move the grates for precise cleaning. Electric grates are more difficult to move and clean around than gas. If you have a flat electric cooktop, you must invest in special cleaning agents for it instead. Gas requires no special treatments, which most cooks appreciate.

More Affordable

If your home already has gas lines in place, installing and using a gas stove is more affordable than getting an electric one. This is because gas stoves often give off less heat than electric ones, which saves you money on your electric bill. However, if you don’t already have gas lines in place, you may discover that it’s costly to install them before your gas stove arrives. You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of installing gas lines for a new gas stove against using an electric one.

People love gas cooking stoves for many reasons, but the top ones often involve the benefits of cooking on open flames. If you want to reap these benefits in your home, head to ROBAM. We have gas range cooktops for sale. These high-end cooktops allow you to cook with precision so that you’ll feel like a professional chef in the comfort of your own home.

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