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Tips for Designing a Modern Kitchen for Your Home

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to decorating their home. Many people gravitate toward modern kitchen designs because they look sleek without interfering with functionality. Jot down these expert tips for designing a modern kitchen for your home to keep the process simple and fun!

Use the Right Colors

When it comes to finding the best paint color, stick to monochromatic colors like shades of grey and white. Then, you can accent the space with a few small pieces of colorful decor.

Remember that white cabinets paired with neutral-colored flooring and countertops are common, but you can also achieve a modern look with dark cabinets in an otherwise light space.

Pro Tip

As you pick out your accent pieces, remain mindful of the color as you only want one or two accent colors. These bright pieces create a focal point in an otherwise minimalistic space.

Update Your Appliances

Another tip for designing a modern kitchen for your home is to replace old appliances. Most modern-looking kitchens have updated appliances that improve both functionality and ambience. Not much looks better than a sleek silver or black appliance. Before shopping, measure your kitchen and evaluate the layout to ensure you buy the right size.

Most interior designers recommend you avoid installing an appliance in the corner of a room; instead, it should remain cushioned between counter space or cabinets. Also, there should be enough space between appliances so that you can move comfortably around the kitchen.

Buy the Right Appliances

Not sure where to buy appliances for your modern kitchen? ROBAM sells everything you need, including refrigerators, cooktops, dishwashers, and more! We’ve even got specialty appliances like steam ovens!

Keep Designs Simple

As far as designs go, modern kitchens tend to have two things: monochromatic colors and simple designs. Rather than select a complex backsplash, consider a natural-looking or straightforward design such as brick or stone. Also, remember the importance of linear elements in a modern kitchen—stick to furniture that’s sleek.

Shop at ROBAM for professional kitchen appliances that will give your kitchen the modern look you’re striving for. Not only are these appliances high-quality, but they’re also budget-friendly to ensure any shopper can complete the remodel they’ve envisioned. Make your kitchen appear more modern today!

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