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  • Powerful Motor, Quick Start: Powerful motor provides comprehensive protection and makes the machine more durable
  • Deep and Wide Hood Cavity:  the depth  of the cavity is increased from 130mm to 210mm, which greatly increases the smoke suction area and forms a quare negative zone, so that the rising fume can be quickly collect, effectively preveting the fume from escaping. The eye of the tornado forms incredible tornado suction, which greatly increase the smoke suction area and can easily collect the escaping fume.
  • Integrated Range Hood Filter: Innovative “Eiffel Tower” inspired integrated range hood filter, no need to disassemble for cleaning, and the range hood remains clean
  • Thoughtful Details Design: One-touch stir-fly, delayed shutdown, and filter cleaning reminder save your time and effort for cooking
  • An Artwork that Shines in the Kitchen: Creating an aesthetic appearance with a simple style


  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY COOKTOP: With a sleek stainless steel surface and matte cast iron grates, this contemporary 4 burner gas cooktop is an elegant countertop stove which will complement any kitchen.
  • POWER & CONTROL: The gas stove’s 4 burners deliver continuous heat with stable flames. The burners on the gas cooktop up to 20,000 BTU, providing extreme heat for perfect stir fries.
  • HIGH QUALITY GAS STOVE: The durable, premium gas cooktop stove is temperature and corrosion resistant, and features Italian-made DEFENDI brass burners with a pure copper core and seat.
  • SAFETY SYSTEM: Featuring a flame failure device for complete safety, the stainless steel 4 burner countertop stove’s gas supply is stopped if the gas stove’s flame extinguishes.


  • POWERFUL DISHWASHER: This gentle yet effective dishwasher machine efficiently removes grease, dirt and oil from your tableware using high temperatures to kill bacteria.
  • 360 DEGREE WASHING: The dishwasher’s built in vortex arms with powerful hydraulic pressure holes provide high speed and high pressure sprays around a full 360 degrees.
  • QUIET CLEANING: Reaching just 47dB, this ultra quiet stainless steel built in dishwasher can run almost unnoticed, and its large capacity storage racks can hold 15 place settings.
  • SAFETY CONTROLS: We gave our dishwasher a built in child lock, along with overflow, leakage, and heater protection to provide complete peace of mind.
  • BUILT IN DISHWASHER: the 24-inch dishwasher’s built in design is more space saving than a countertop dishwasher, and has a 30 min quick wash function along with an eco-friendly half load


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