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Essential Kitchen Appliances for Every Modern Kitchen

Whether you’ve just purchased a home or want to remodel the one you live in, upgrading your kitchen means finding ways to keep cooking simple. Grab a notepad (or your phone) so you can write down these essential kitchen appliances for every modern kitchen. When you have these appliances, everyone will envy your kitchen!


Dishwashers make life easier, and you can’t have a modern kitchen without one. Why waste time washing, drying, and putting dishes away when an appliance can do half the work for you? This will cut down on cleanup time which is always helpful when you host.

Pro Tip

Newer models are often more energy-efficient, so they’ll waste less water while cleaning all your dinnerware. Plus, many models have options for cleaning everything from ceramic and stoneware to your fine china!

Steam Oven

If you want a modern kitchen that includes healthy cooking options, get a steam oven. Unlike traditional ovens, they use steam for cooking or reheating food—which also means no more microwaves!

You can also buy a combi-steam range that offers both steam and convection options. Many buyers prefer the second option because there are so many cooking choices.

Range Hood

A modern kitchen needs a range hood to keep it smelling fresh! Whether you accidentally burnt what you were cooking or are preparing a strong-smelling meal, a range hood keeps the air well circulated. Range hoods also clear the area of fumes, smoke, and other particles in the air.

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Check out great options at ROBAM as you shop around for range hoods, steam ovens, and other high-end kitchen appliances. Buy the best products to transform your kitchen into a dream space!

Countertop Appliances

Countertop appliances are a must-have for many homeowners, but what you buy depends on what you’ll use most. While a coffee enthusiast may have essentials such as an espresso machine, coffee maker, and French press, a home baker will have different needs. Some popular countertop appliances include:

  • A Waffle Maker
  • An Air Fryer
  • A Stand Mixer
  • A Blender
  • Food Processor

Deciding which small appliances to buy for your dream kitchen comes down to what you think you’ll use the most. There’s no rule stating all homeowners must have an air fryer, but if you love crispy food and don’t want to cook with oils, then it’s a great purchase. It’s time to stock up your home with the essential kitchen appliances for every modern kitchen based on your cooking habits.

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