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Ways To Improve Your Kitchen’s Ventilation and Air Quality

Depending on what you cook and how often you cook, there may be some lingering smells in your kitchen. Various things ranging from mold to air pollutants can lead to unpleasant odors. Luckily, there are multiple ways to improve your kitchen’s ventilation and air quality to keep it always smelling fresh!

Use Cooking Vents

Both gas and electric burners release air pollutants as we use them. You can cut down on this odor by using cooking vents. It’s also a good idea to turn on the kitchen fan if you have one or open the window. The more air circulation you get in the room, the better.

Many people recommend turning the kitchen fan on after using a gas stove; these types of stoves use carbon monoxide, so breathing in too much of it is dangerous. You’ll find various powerful kitchen range hoods for sale at ROBAM, so buy the perfect one for your kitchen.

Pro Tip

Keep your air vents clean to ensure they continue working correctly. Changing the furnace filter and kitchen vent filter can make a world of difference as far as smells go. The HVAC system keeps clean air flowing throughout your home. If you think something’s gone array, call an expert to evaluate it.

Clean Rugs and Carpets

Dirty carpets can smell due to ingrained dirt and other grime. Vacuum any rugs and carpets within your home at least once a week—especially if they’re near the kitchen. If the carpets need thorough scrubbing, consider buying or renting a carpet cleaner to get the job done!

Get Air Fresheners and Plants

Opening the windows for some much-needed fresh air isn’t always possible, especially once the cold weather rolls in, so keep some natural air fresheners within your home. Additionally, use indoor plants. They don’t just make your home look great but also help improve the overall air quality!

Pro Tip

An air cleaner is a device that circulates the air within your home while also cutting down on pollutants. Improving the air quality within your kitchen will make you happy and healthy, especially if you have allergies or asthma.

Every homeowner needs to know ways to improve your kitchen’s ventilation and air quality to simplify eliminating odors. By opening a few windows, turning on the range hood, or placing a few air fresheners throughout your home, you can keep it smelling great. Shop at ROBAM for all your incredible kitchen must-haves!

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