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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Oven Is Not Working

Your kitchen has the highest concentration of appliances in your home. Your oven is one of the most important appliances, given its large size and versatility. When your oven is not working, you lose its benefits. Keep reading to learn some of the top reasons why it may stop working and what to do if your oven continuously malfunctions.

Faulty Ignitor or Heating Element

When someone says their oven doesn’t work, they often mean it won’t turn on and heat. A faulty ignitor is one of the most common reasons a gas oven won’t heat. Electric ovens use a different heating element, but those heating elements can also have problems. When the ignitor or heating element doesn’t turn on when you activate your oven, it’s useless. A technician can check your oven and determine what is causing the issue.

Fuse Malfunction

Most ovens depend on electricity, even if they use gas. This is because we depend on electricity to light the gas spark to ignite the gas. When the fuse malfunctions and doesn’t properly light, you can’t use your oven. Fuse malfunctions can happen to any electric appliance. Check the fuse box and breaker—you may need to install a new fuse.

Damaged Oven Sensor

One reason your oven may not turn on or heat properly is because of a damaged or faulty sensor. A damaged or faulty sensor may assume your oven has reached the proper temperature when it hasn’t. You can check the sensor with an ohmmeter and recalibrate the oven if necessary. An oven technician or electrician can also help you check the sensor if you need more assistance.

Burnt Wires

Like all electrical appliances, your oven has wires inside it and leading out of it. Since your oven has heating elements, these wires sometimes burn. You’ll likely smell these burning wires before you realize your oven isn’t working. Hire an electrician to test and replace the wires to make sure they’re in the right place and the new wires won’t burn.

Door Problems

The problems we described above are obvious parts of an oven not working. However, another integral part of your oven’s function is the door closing all the way. If the door doesn’t close, your oven can’t retain heat. New oven models may not even turn on if the door is not closed. Most door problems come from something stuck in the hinges or the latch not working. Check that everything is out of the way of the door and that the latch is clean. This normally fixes door problems.

There are many reasons why your oven is not working. If you follow all the troubleshooting options we listed above and your oven still doesn’t work, you may need to replace it. Fortunately, ROBAM has many kitchen appliances online, including ovens, that you can peruse until you find the right option for your kitchen.

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