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Top 5 Types of Food To Cook in a Steam Oven

Steam ovens make a great addition to any kitchen. They’re small enough to fit on your countertop, but powerful enough to cook almost anything. If you’re considering getting a steam oven and aren’t sure what you can cook in it, we can help. Keep reading to learn about five types of food you can cook in a steam oven.

Fish and Shellfish

Many people love cooking fish and shellfish in their steam ovens because they were going to steam those types of food anyway. Steam will fully cook your fish and shellfish while keeping it moist and flavorful. It will also help seal in the delicious flavors and important vitamins and nutrients you’re looking for when eating fish and shellfish.

All Types of Meat

You can cook all types of meat in a steam oven. White meat, like chicken and turkey, and red meat, like beef and pork, are fair game. While you may not have originally considered steaming some of these meats, steam requires little oil, so your meat is healthier, and often cooks quicker than traditional methods. It’s a great option to try!

Healthy Grains

Grains are an important part of a balanced diet, and you can steam them, too! Traditionally, grains like rice and quinoa are boiled on the stove. While you can certainly continue to do that, you can eliminate the risk of these grains sticking to the bottom of their pans or constantly needing to stir them by steaming them in your oven. Simply add the desired amount of grain and the appropriate amount of water into an oven-safe pan and you’ll be good to go.

Delicious Vegetables

As we mentioned above when talking about fish and meats, steam ovens cook food quickly while sealing in flavor and nutrients. This is ideal for cooking vegetables, since vitamins and nutrients are two of the most important aspects of eating vegetables. Flavor is another important aspect of vegetables. While some people like to cover their vegetables with oils for easy cooking and extra taste, you don’t need to add that in a steam oven. You can cook them with water and keep them healthy and then add spices and other additives for flavor instead.

Baked Goods

Some people debate whether you can bake in a steam oven. Steam ovens are often less precise in temperature than traditional or convection ovens and can cook too fast for certain baked goods. However, since steam ovens can safely cook grains, you can still use them for certain baked goods, like bread. As long as you keep the timer on and pay attention, you should be able to bake in your steam oven just as easily as any other type of oven.

While there are many different food groups you can successfully cook in your steam oven, these five are the most important when it comes time to prepare a meal. If you’ve decided you want to use one of these devices in your home, look no further. ROBAM offers combination ovens for home use that will give you all the advantages of a steam oven, as well as the advantages of conventional ovens.

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