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Ways To Maximize Space Under Your Cooktop


If your cooktop is separate from your oven, then you probably have some lower cabinet space that you’re not sure how to use. You may wonder if it’s safe to put anything under a hot appliance like a cooktop or question how useful the space actually is. Luckily, there are some safe solutions and ways to maximize the space under your cooktop. Keep reading for our suggestions on how to use this unique space.

Waste Management

People create waste. It’s just a fact of life. We create garbage, recycling, and compostable waste every day as we live, work, and entertain in our homes. Some of our homes have designated areas for trash, recycling, and compost, while others give you the freedom to pick where waste bins will go. If you’re looking for a storage solution and have space under your cooktop, you can put trash, recycling, or compost under there.


You want to place your trashcan somewhere that’s easy to reach but out of sight. No one wants to look at a full garbage can while eating dinner or throwing a party. But you don’t want your guests looking through every drawer and doorway just so they can throw a plastic cup away either. Sliding your trash can in the cabinet underneath your cooktop is the perfect solution. You’ll have easy access while cooking and cleaning up, and no one has to stare at your garbage.

It’s important to note that it’s not safe to store your trash can under your cooktop unless you have at least three inches of clearance. So, this waste storage solution is best for those with small trash cans. If you have a big family or frequently throw large parties, and your trash can is too tall to allow proper clearance under your cooktop, then you’ll need to store it somewhere else. Beware that the heat from the cooktop may also cause some unwanted smells in your kitchen, depending on how full the trash is and how frequently you use your cooktop.


Most people have a recycling bin but often don’t know where to store it. Since recycling bins are usually full of dry materials like cardboard and metal, it doesn’t start to stink when put under a hot cooktop. However, those materials are also heat-sensitive, so you’ll need to make sure you have at least three inches of clearance between the bottom of the cooktop and the top of your recycling bin. Recycling bins are often smaller than trashcans, so that shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re an avid recycler who piles your bin high or has an extra-large bin.


Only about 30 percent of Americans compost, but for those who participate in this eco-friendly form of waste management, having a good place to store a compost bin is essential. The best place for a compost bin is somewhere shaded and dry with low humidity—the exact conditions underneath your cooktop. However, you’ll still need to leave those three inches of clearance, and you’ll probably need to invest in a lid for the compost, since the heat from the cooktop may make your decomposing waste smell bad.

Extra Storage

Given the potential smell and heat sensitivity of garbage, recycling, and compost, you may decide to store those home necessities elsewhere. That means you still have an empty cabinet underneath your cooktop that you need to use. Luckily, since no kitchen seems to have enough storage space, you can use that empty cabinet to your advantage.


That space under your cooktop is already functioning like a cabinet, just an empty one. So, use it like a cabinet and start storing kitchen items under there. Since there probably aren’t shelves, this is the perfect spot for tall pots, bulk items, and extra paper products. You can also use bins to better organize and store smaller items like extra silverware or shopping bags. Just remember to leave at least three inches of space between the bottom of the cooktop and the top of your box.


If you’re lucky, the cabinet under your cooktop already came equipped with drawers that you can use for storage. If the cabinet is empty and you want to add drawers, you still can. All you’ll need to do is add rails and other forms of support and find a drawer that fits. Depending on the dimensions of your cabinet, you may be able to order a drawer from your cabinet’s manufacturer, or you may have to order a customized drawer. Once you have those drawers in place, you can use that storage space however you see fit.


For those who want to add storage space without committing to a specific design or putting in the money for custom drawers, there’s the option of sliding a cart underneath your cooktop. There are lots of small kitchen and utility carts on the market, so all you’ll need to do is measure the size of the cabinet and buy a cart that will clear the space. You can load the different cart levels almost exactly how you would load drawers, although they’ll probably be a bit smaller. Even though you’ll lose a bit of storage room with this option, you’ll still make a previously unused space functional, which is always good in a kitchen.

Island Seating

Some kitchens are designed to have a separate oven and cooktop with the cooktop on an island. If this is the layout of your kitchen, you may worry that including seating so close to the cooktop could pose a burn risk. While no one will be able to sit directly at the cooktop, you can still safely arrange seating around the island. If a seat is directly across from the cooktop, you can rearrange the space underneath it so someone could safely prop up their feet in the area where a cabinet would be.

There are many ways to safely maximize space under your cooktop. You can hide trash, recycling, or compost or use it for storage with cabinets, drawers, or a cart. You can even offer extra foot room for seats on an island. No matter how you choose to use the space, make sure you have a safe cooktop that can keep up with your busy kitchen. Robam offers high-end gas range tops that don’t need an oven underneath, so you can maximize cooking and storage space however you see fit.

Ways To Maximize Space Under Your Cooktop

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