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Vented vs. Non-vented Range Hoods: Which Is Better?

Renovating and upgrading your kitchen are great ways to make sure you have the best appliances for your cooking needs. One appliance that many homeowners don’t think will impact their cooking is a range hood. They often wait longer to decide what type of range hood to buy. However, it plays an important role in keeping your kitchen clean, so you need to purchase one early in the renovation process. When shopping for this appliance, you must first choose between vented and non-vented range hoods. Once you decide which you prefer, you can investigate additional styles and features. Keep reading to learn whether vented or non-vented is better for your kitchen needs so you can make the right purchase.

Vented Range Hoods

Vented range hoods suck in the air from your kitchen through a vent and deposit it outside of your home through a ducting system. While some of these ducting systems are elaborate, getting the dirty air out of your kitchen is important for keeping your kitchen air clean and safe. These range hoods can fit any style of range or stove, from an island to under cabinet and more. No matter your kitchen design, you can have a vented range hood. If your kitchen doesn’t already have a ducting system in place, you may have to spend more money to install one before adding the vented range hood.

Non-Vented Range Hoods

A non-vented range hood sucks the dirty air out of your kitchen, filters it, and releases it back into your kitchen. While these range hoods are often cheaper and easier to install, the air recirculation isn’t as healthy or safe as the air removal from a vented range hood. Certain home circumstances can prevent you from installing a vented range hood. If your choice is between a non-vented range hood and no range hood at all, then a non-vented model is better.

Which Is Better?

Most experts agree that vented range hoods are better. While they may require a bit more effort if your kitchen isn’t prepared for a range hood, they provide better results. When the dirty air completely leaves your kitchen, you don’t have to worry about breathing in dangerous fumes or grease building up on your surfaces. As we mentioned above, a non-vented range hood is better than no range hood at all. It will still clean your kitchen air, which is important if you want to stay safe and keep your kitchen operating at its best.

The factors that determine which is better between a vented and non-vented range hood are your kitchen design and preferences. Most of the time, vented range hoods are better since they completely remove the dirty air from your kitchen. If you’re looking for stove hoods for sale to add to your home, ROBAM can help. We offer various sizes and designs to meet your kitchen needs.

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