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Why the Oven Is the Most Important Appliance in Your Kitchen

Kitchens are full of appliances that help you cook and live your best life. Some appliances are necessary parts of the kitchen, such as refrigerators, and others are small additions like mixers. With all these appliances available, it’s hard to determine which one is the most important. Keep reading to learn why the oven is so vital in your kitchen and your home.

Large Cooking Capacity

When you look at most of the appliances that help you cook, you’ll realize that many of them are surprisingly small. Microwaves, toaster ovens, and stovetops offer limited room for how much food you can put in or on them.

Ovens also offer limited room. No home appliances offer unlimited cooking capacity. However, compared to these other cooking appliances in your kitchen, ovens offer the most capacity. Most ovens are large enough to fit large casserole dishes, whole turkeys, and other big dishes that can’t fit in other cooking appliances.

An oven is also the only appliance you can get stacked into a double. Double wall ovens are a popular choice for many homes and expand the cooking capacity of a kitchen. Some people place one smaller oven on top of a larger oven, while others stack two ovens of the same size on top of each other. Both options provide a larger cooking capacity.

If you have a large household or like to cook food ahead of time and save, then an oven is the best appliance to use. This cooking capacity, whether a double or a single oven, is unmatched by other appliances. Larger dishes for entertaining and guests are guaranteed to fit in your oven.

Great Versatility

Few appliances are singe use now. Everyone wants appliances that offer various uses, from countertop ovens that can microwave and steam to standing mixers that can shred chicken and mix brownies. The more an appliance can do to save time and space in your kitchen, the better.

Ovens are the original versatile appliance. You can cook almost anything in an oven with the right recipe, from baked spaghetti to roasted meats and sweet treats like cakes. The wide heat range and adjustable racks in most ovens allow you to make whatever you want.

Some ovens offer even more versatility. Combination ovens combine the benefits of steam cooking with other conventional oven techniques, such as roasting and baking. You can choose the setting you want or even switch settings during the cooking process. This allows you to cook even more dishes in even more ways with a delicious result every time.

Easy Installation Process

One of the most important qualities of an appliance is how easy they are to install in your home, especially in your kitchen with all the water and power lines. Most homes are already set up for an electric or gas oven, so replacing or upgrading your oven is easy. Just measure your space, pick out an oven that fits, and allow a professional to install it.

Two factors might complicate your oven installation: switching from electric to gas and adding a wall oven. Most ovens are electric now, but gas ones still exist. If your home already has gas lines for a gas cooktop, your installer can probably attach the gas oven with ease. If your home doesn’t have gas lines in place, then the installation will take more time.

Adding a wall oven to a home that’s not designed for one also takes more time. Many people like wall ovens because they’re easier to access and don’t require the user to bend down. However, when a home doesn’t have a wall design setup, it takes longer to redesign the kitchen and get your oven installed. Despite these potential problems, it’s generally true that ovens are easy to install, which is important for your kitchen to run smoothly.

Long Life Span

Another reason why the oven is the most important appliance in your kitchen is because it has a long life span. All home appliances should have a long life span to save you from constantly replacing them, but especially your oven. As we mentioned above, your oven has the most cooking capacity out of any of the cooking appliances in your kitchen. If it stops working and you have to wait to find a new one and pay someone to install it, then you miss lots of cooking opportunities.

Ovens also offer the most versatility out of any of your cooking appliances, which we also mentioned above. If your oven stops working, you also lose that versatility. You can cook some foods using other appliances, such as a cooktop or microwave, but not all foods can successfully make that transfer. A long life span is necessary when you want to enjoy your oven’s versatility as much as possible.

So, how long is a long life span for kitchen appliances? The average oven lasts 15 to 20 years. Since most people move at least seven times in their lives, this means you’ll probably only need one oven in your home. You won’t need to replace it unless something damages it, or the oven was in your home before you moved in. This means you can avoid any potential installation problems, such as the ones we mentioned above, and you can save money.

The large cooking capacity, great versatility, easy installation process, and long life span of an oven make it a vital part of your kitchen. No kitchen can properly function without an oven in it. If you’re shopping for luxury kitchen appliances such as ovens, Robam offers various products that will look great in your home and help your kitchen function at its best.

We offer countertop steam ovens, four different built-in oven options, and three ranges that include both an oven and a stovetop. No matter what type of oven you’re hoping to add to your home, we can help you find it. Our bundles make it easier for you to bring home an oven and additional appliances you may need, such as cooktops and range hoods. Please reach out to us to discuss your options.

Why the Oven Is the Most Important Appliance in Your Kitchen

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