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A Guide to Kitchen Appliance Finish Options

Kitchens are among the most used rooms in a home, and that means they need the right atmosphere. Everything from daily life to big events happens in kitchens, and your kitchen should feel comfortable for all those moments. One of the ways to set the mood is through the finish on your appliances. Keep reading our guide to kitchen appliance finish options so you can choose the right one for the atmosphere you want.

Shiny vs. Matte

The biggest difference between kitchen gadget finishes is whether they’re shiny or matte. Both are good options for your kitchen, and the finish shouldn’t affect how the appliance functions in your home. However, both will create a different atmosphere and have different care options for you to consider.

Pros of Shiny Appliances

When asked to imagine a refrigerator or similar kitchen appliance, most people imagine a shiny one. Stainless steel and other types of shiny finishes are among the most common finishes. This means it’s easy to find a shiny appliance if that’s the look you want in your kitchen.

Sometimes, shiny appliances are easier to match. While different manufacturers may have distinct names for metallic shades, many of them will look the same in your home. This makes it easier to buy your household staples from different sources and create a cohesive look in your kitchen.

Cons of Shiny Appliances

Unfortunately, shiny devices tend to show more dirt and prints than matte ones. If you live in a big household, especially one with lots of children, then a shiny appliance may not be the best choice. You’ll feel like you constantly have to clean it to maintain that signature shiny finish, and you may not have time for that extra chore.

Pros of Matte Appliances

As mentioned previously, people love matte appliances because they don’t show dirt and prints as easily as shiny ones. This makes them ideal choices for big households, especially with pets and children, since they require less cleaning. Many people think matte appliances are prettier than shiny ones and make a space feel warmer since they absorb light instead of reflecting it. Most manufacturers offer matte appliances in more colors than shiny ones, which gives you the opportunity to make a colorful statement in your kitchen.

Cons of Matte Appliances

Matte appliances are not quite as popular as shiny ones, so you may struggle to find the specific item you want with a matte finish. Once you track down the matte appliance you want or agree to a different one with a matte finish, you may discover it comes with a higher price tag.

Color Options

Deciding between shiny and matte finishes will lead you to choose a color for your appliances. As we mentioned above, some finishes don’t come in the same colors as other finishes. To choose the right color for your appliance, consider what you already have, the color of your kitchen, and the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Neutral Colors

Current home decorating trends feature neutral colors, especially combinations of white, black, and gray. These neutral colors look great with a shiny or matte finish, so you can’t go wrong with either option. However, many people think shiny black appliances look the most luxurious. If you’re trying to achieve a high-end atmosphere in your kitchen, then shiny black appliances might be for you!

Bright Colors

Again, matte finishes tend to come in more color options than shiny finishes, and this is especially true with bright colors. You’ll struggle to find a bright green, red, or blue device with a shiny finish, but you can probably find any of those colors and more with a matte finish. If you’re dedicated to the idea of adding a colorful household staple to your kitchen, you’ll have to commit to the color before you commit to the finish.

Metallic Colors

Instead of reserving metallic colors for hardware, some people are embracing metallic colors throughout the kitchen and on appliances. You can find matte and shiny finish appliances in metallic colors! However, they will look better with a shiny finish since it implies metallic materials, which is the inspiration behind the metallic color. While you can choose between the two, a shiny finish on a metallic color is your best choice.

Custom Finishes

Some appliance manufacturers and providers will allow people to design custom finishes. Consumers often do this when they want their gadgets to blend in with their kitchen cabinets. However, you can also create a custom finish for other reasons.

Pros of Custom Finishes

A custom finish is a great option for people looking for something specific or unique. If you want your appliances to blend in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen or stand out in a specific way, then a custom finish is the best choice. The only limits on custom finishes are what the manufacturer can accomplish.

Cons of Custom Finishes

Initially, many people like the idea of a custom finish. The cohesive design and unique beauty of custom appliances make many people want to choose this option. Unfortunately, custom finishes are expensive and rare. Many appliance manufacturers cannot provide custom finishes, even if you have enough money to pay for one. If you want a custom finish, you’ll have to spend a lot of time finding the right manufacturer and pay a lot of money to get the job done.

Our guide to kitchen appliance finish options covers everything from shiny, matte, and custom finishes to color choices. As you consider the colors and atmosphere already present in your kitchen, you can make informed decisions between these options. If you’re in need of high-end kitchen appliances that come in various finishes and colors, we can help. ROBAM offers high-quality appliances that will help you function in your kitchen function to the best of your ability and create the perfect atmosphere for any event. While we don’t offer custom finishes, you can still find kitchen staples that will look great and work well in your home.

A Guide to Kitchen Appliance Finish Options
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