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5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Range Hood

Range hoods are part of the external ventilation system in your kitchen. They help filter cooking grease, smoke, and fumes from your kitchen to keep the air clean and healthy. Therefore, they’re integral to kitchens. But a time may come when you need to replace yours. Like all appliances, your range hood will eventually show indications that its best days are behind it. Keep reading to learn about the five signs you need to replace your range hood so that you know what to look for.

Recurring Problems

No appliance runs perfectly. Therefore, you may dismiss a few problems with your range hood. If these problems occur over several months or years, then the appliance is probably still okay. However, if issues become frequent and make it difficult for you to consistently use your range hood, then you might need to replace it instead of constantly repairing it.

Higher Airflow

One of the problems you may notice as your range hood gets older is that it releases a higher airflow. It requires more air intake and creates more air output to do the same job that it used to do with less. While this may just be a sign to clean your filter, it can also mean your range hood is getting too old to effectively do its job.

Excessive Noise

All appliances make noise, including range hoods. Since range hoods suck up air, they’re noisier than most other kitchen appliances. But they still shouldn’t make an excessive amount of noise. If you notice your range hood making excessive noise even though all the parts are working correctly and the filter is clean, you may need to replace it.

Partial Venting

As we mentioned above, the entire job of your range hood is to suck up dirty air to keep your kitchen clean and healthy. If your range hood fails to do that job and lets grease, smoke, and fumes stay in your kitchen, you know something is wrong. While this may just be a problem with the filter, it can also indicate that your range hood is getting too old to properly function.

Remodeling or Upgrading

The last sign that shows that you need to replace your range hood isn’t necessarily a problem with your old one. Instead, it’s the recognition that you want to upgrade. Think of how much better a new one could be. If you’re remodeling your kitchen and know your old range hood will look out of place, you should replace it. The same is true if you see a newer range hood with more benefits for your kitchen. While this change is more about cosmetics than functionality, your kitchen should always look and perform its best. Sometimes, remodeling and upgrading is the key to that.

If you notice the problems mentioned above or are making cosmetic changes to your home, you may need a new range hood. ROBAM offers high-end range hoods that will keep your kitchen functional for years to come while complementing the aesthetics you already have in place or are remodeling to achieve. No matter what reason you have for buying a new range hood, always invest in the best.

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