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Emerging Kitchen Design Trends You’ll Love in 2022

Over time, popular home designs shift as homeowners repaint, change their kitchen layouts, and more. Years ago, floating cabinets were in style, but now, most want minimal overhead cabinets as they shrink their storage space. With the new year comes new trends and remodeling ideas for your home. Get a first glimpse of the emerging kitchen design trends you’ll love in 2022, so you can make your kitchen the perfect space.

Upcoming Colors and Decor

While some trends like clothing change from season to season, interior designers say kitchen designs stick around for 10 to 15 years. This means you don’t have to constantly repaint, replace cabinets, and otherwise remodel your home.

The expected emerging kitchen design trends you’ll love in 2022 seem to focus on making your home feel a bit more personal. So liven up the space with a wallpaper accent wall or an interesting backsplash—metallics, woodgrains, and stone are most in style.

Colors To Look For

When it comes to interior design, specific colors trend more than others because styles change over time. If you want your kitchen to remain on top of the trends and look stylish, then consider:

  • Muted shades of green: Get accent pieces or repaint cabinetry.
  • Shades of yellow: Many will accent the kitchen with joyful yellows.
  • Bold colors: If you want pops of color, repaint the cabinets.
  • Black accents: Consider purchasing black appliances or brass handles.

While those trendy white kitchens are still in style, homeowners have begun adding pops of color to personalize the space and make it a little livelier by combining several trends—such as boldly colored cabinets paired with black accents. If you currently have white cabinets, then accent the area with muted shades of green.

Pro Decorating Tip

In the past, mixing patterns has often been seen as anything but stylish. Now that homeowners wish to expand their horizons in the name of personalized kitchens, mixed designs are all the more popular. Consider having a patterned accent wall in an otherwise monochromatic kitchen for an appropriate blend of everything.

Most Common Lighting Fixtures

As far as lighting fixtures go, most designers say that linear light is the style to gravitate toward in 2022 since it illuminates more with a single lighting fixture. However, many also predict that there will be an increase in ambient lighting in kitchens.

Repurposing Furniture Pieces

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to try tying family heirlooms into their decorating techniques. The vintage look is in style because these pieces have a past, and each one tells an original story that makes your kitchen all the more interesting. Vintage pieces also have a unique size and shape, making them look appealing in any beautiful kitchen.

New Flooring Trends

While some designers say that colorful or patterned floors are all the rage in 2022, others agree that anything from porcelain tiles or patterned parquet looks stylish. So what’s out of style? Any flooring with gray or greige hues.

Functionality Is Key

Functionality in the kitchen has always been important, as it accommodates our busy lives and keeps our home looking tidy. However, with the disappearance of upper cabinets, many homeowners wonder what to do with their extra stuff.

Rather than have upper cabinets, many have become minimalists and gotten rid of the things they don’t use. Others utilize hidden storage and keep small appliances in the garage, basement, or another area. Some even create coffee stations behind hidden countertop doors or on a bar cart which they can also use as décor.

Upgrading Appliances

Appliances have always been essential in the kitchen, but homeowners have begun searching out appliances with more functions as things change. This means buying a single appliance capable of air frying, convection, and toasting. Others purchase a combi oven to cook food with convection or steam if you want a few healthier options.

Due to our fast-paced lives, many homeowners also want smart appliances, especially in the kitchen. For example, with a simple tap of your phone, you can remotely preheat your oven, which makes preparing dinner a lot faster.

Many also love customizing their appliances to choose something more colorful. This option allows you to ensure every big-ticket item visually fits into your kitchen, but it also allows you to show off your creative flair.

Cozy Layouts

It’s really just a house until you make it feel like home, and every home is cozy. A kitchen is a place for bonding—mealtimes are a social event. As you decorate, ensure those accent pieces are in plain sight. Some individuals decorate with regularly used items like cookbooks or decorative cutting boards.

Some have made the kitchen feel a bit cozier by making it into a multipurpose area. For example, a kitchen island with a bar can double as a space for prepping food and a great desk space to work remotely. It’s easier for family members to gather around the kitchen and talk while someone prepares dinner.

Pro Decorating Tip

Since most of us are still working from home or spending more time inside, many have installed banquettes or nooks to have a comfortable space within the kitchen. Get cozy while enjoying your morning cup of coffee!

Tips for Surviving Renovation

A home renovation can feel stressful and time-consuming, not to mention it’s expensive. Before you get too wrapped up in the trends and start shopping, you’ll have to set a budget. You should also look around your kitchen to decide what needs replacing. If you already have nice cabinets and marble or natural stone counters, start looking at your appliances.

Consider the functionality of your current appliances plus their age. If your oven, fridge, or other appliances need constant repairs or can no longer keep up with your lifestyle, then it’s time to make a replacement.

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Emerging Kitchen Design Trends You’ll Love in 2022
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