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Features To Look For in a Good Dishwasher

Adding a dishwasher to your kitchen will make your space cleaner, more efficient, and more comfortable. Instead of stacking up dirty dishes in your sink or on the counter next to it, you can load them away and have them cleaned with the push of a button. But before you add just any dishwasher to your space, you need to know what makes a good dishwasher. Keep reading to learn what features to look for in a good dishwasher.

Safety First

The first feature you need to consider when buying a dishwasher is whether it’s safe for all members of your family. Young children can easily smash their fingers in the door of a dishwasher or open it while it’s cleaning, leading to dangerous burns from the hot water. To prevent this but still have the convenience of a dishwasher, look for a dishwasher that has a child lock. A child lock will keep your child, your appliance, and your dishes safe.

Noise Levels

While a dishwasher is a great convenience, a noisy one will make you second-guess that convenience. After all, the clean dishes come at the cost of increasing noise levels in your home. Avoid this problem by looking for a dishwasher under 60db. Anything under 60db is considered common and produces about the same noise as background music, so you’ll be able to tell the difference between cycles if you focus. A dishwasher that’s 45dbs and under is ideal since that category of noise is even quieter, comparative to the noise you’d hear in a library.

Cleaning Options

A dishwasher can be an expensive investment, especially since a professional must install it. Make sure you’re getting the best appliance for your investment by choosing one with lots of cleaning options. Most dishwashers have three cleaning options, but luxury models will have more along with additional features such as sterilization choices for cleaner dishes and various drying choices to pick from. While you may think that luxury kitchen appliances are out of your price range, many retailers work to make these appliances affordable so you can have the best without breaking the bank.

Long-Lasting Reliability

The last feature you should look for in a dishwasher is reliability. This appliance will change how your kitchen functions, and you want to be able to depend on it for a long time without problems. While no appliance can last forever without proper maintenance, a good dishwasher should require little maintenance and last around 10 years. Make sure to ask about reliability when looking at your dishwasher options.

A child lock, low noise, various cleaning options, and long-lasting reliability are the most important features to look for in a good dishwasher. If you’re looking for high-end kitchen appliances, including a luxury dishwasher with all the features we’ve mentioned, then you’ve come to the right place. Robam is proud to supply high-end kitchen equipment that will make your space luxurious and efficient.

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