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Steam Ovens vs. Microwaves: What Is the Difference?

There’s nothing more exciting than remodeling your kitchen. Not only do you get to pick out new paint colors, backsplashes, and floorplans, but you also have an opportunity to upgrade all your kitchen appliances.

Browsing through the most advanced and modern kitchen equipment is fun, but this process can also be confusing. With so many new devices available to optimize your kitchen, how do you know which appliance to choose?

Two of the most common appliances that customers debate between are steam ovens and microwaves. While microwaves are more familiar, few people know about the benefits of steam ovens. 

To learn more, read our guide on steam ovens vs. microwaves: what is the difference? 

Steam Ovens vs. Microwaves: How They Work

Let’s start by exploring one of the latest and greatest kitchen appliances: steam ovens. This appliance uses heat and water to produce steam to cook foods with convection technology.

In comparison, microwaves heat foods with radiation. Generators inside the microwave transform electricity into radio waves, which penetrate foods and heats food molecules.

While steam ovens cook foods in a moist environment, microwaves heat foods without any added moisture. This lack of moisture can sometimes lead to microwaved foods tasting drier.

Steam Ovens vs. Microwaves: Which Is Healthier?

Steam ovens will create healthier meals compared to microwaves. Since steam ovens can thoroughly cook foods without added oils or fats, this appliance is ideal for cooking health-conscious dishes. Foods also retain their natural antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals when they are steam cooked.

While microwaves will simply heat your foods, steam ovens will heat, hydrate, and serve your meals with their complete nutrition.

Steam Ovens vs. Microwaves: Which One Makes Tastier Meals?

While microwaves are convenient, the downside to this appliance is that foods often leave this appliance half hot, half cold, and severely dehydrated. Microwaves are more often successful for heating liquids; however, using a microwave for cooking meals is more of a gamble.

Steam ovens will cook a considerably more flavorful meal. Their infused hydration and more balanced heating method allows you to use this appliance for cooking and devouring your favorite meals more conveniently.

The Takeaway

We hope our guide to steam ovens vs. microwaves has been a beneficial resource to understanding the difference between these two devices. Microwaves may be a more recognizable kitchen appliance; however, we recommend choosing a steam oven instead. This appliance will cook a healthier, tastier, and more convenient meal for you and your family to enjoy.

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